Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Sister's Wedding...


  1. LOL! clevr story. I wonder if he will ever get his body & life back?

  2. The funny thing was the Medalion of Zulo curse that lasts 12hrs the new minted girl did not know his/her sister wore the wedding dress last when she was ovulating because this was going to be one of those honeymoon pregnancies. the bad / Funny thing it would be the Brother/Sister coming back after a month on a private island with her new husband, not knowing she was pregnant already. The real sister and new cousin who look to much like their Grandmother found out the Granny was a closet Lesbian and the new Cousin loved it and never wanted to change back seeing she trashed the Medalion a week after the wedding. but a double cross the new wife had fallen in love with her man and never wanted to go back to the dorky teenager she was. the family gained a new son-in-law and a baby on the way, and The Dad gained a half sister he never knew about. But lost a Dorky teenage boy who was never seen again and was explained that he was so distraught with his sisters wedding ran a way on that day and was never found, presumed to be dead.